Women Health and Concerns Related to it

Women and men both have health issues, but women have different health issues over the man. A woman deserves special consideration towards health. An average life expectancy for women is 85 years and it is continuing to rise. A gynecology branch of medical science concerns with women's health issues. It is important to give health tips to the woman to revitalize them in well manner. It is also important for every woman to access knowledge in the field of women's health and wellness. In like manner, it is important to give concern towards health test in every 6 months. A woman needs to conduct text not only for her reproductive part but also for other aspects of her body.

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Women's Health and Wellness

There are various woman health problems such as stress, alcoholism, addictions, depression, nutrition, heart health and wellness. From the research, it is identified that is a woman's waist size measures more than 35 inches then she is more likely to grow heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. The ways which remain helpful to control weight and to decrease the risk of heart problems are eating sensible meals, eradicating after dinner snacks and doing exercises.

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Smoking is another detrimental factor for woman to relate health problems. Even though the number of female smokers is deteriorating, still about 15% of women in the United State of America continue to smoke. Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol is also harmful to health. Although women typically begin drinking at a later in their age and they tend to drink rather less. Alcohol toxicity, cirrhosis, and hepatitis may be due to repetition of the drinking habit. There are many companies which provide the insurance for woman?s health. Sometimes, woman may be suffered from mild infection of the vagina in which bacteria are populated in the vagina like sexually transmitted infections.

Women who participates sports have many differences than man. In females, muscles behind the leg are not as strong as compared to males and they have a wider hip, less muscle mass, less dense bones, and higher percentage of body fat. Moreover, it is identified that heart disease is the leading which causes death among the United States women. The reproductive system of female makes a major contribution towards being a woman. Due to the complexity in the reproductive system, she can experience number of problems which can range from yeast infections of the vagina to fibroids of the uterus. So it is necessary to provide the health tips to the woman by expertise physicians. Along this, regular dental checkups are also mandatory. So there are many companies which provide the dental package in their health insurance.

Role of Female Hormones in Women Wellness

Some hormones are of special concern to women. The sex hormone produced by the gonads shows high contribution in the growth, maintenance and repairs the tissues as well as bone mass. This can be a problem for women who attempt for lower body fat. Women with low body fat majorly do not become able to produce adequate amounts of sex hormones. Due to this reason, they can experience a cessation of menstruation, osteoporosis, fractures, and other conditions similar to those faced by many post- menopausal women. There are many diseases which affect both women and men alike, but there are some diseases whose occurring chances is higher in women. So, regular health checkups are mandatory for woman. Gallstones are three to four times more common in women than in men. In the U.S, woman suffers three times more migraine headaches as compared to man. Bowel syndrome and urinary tract infection (bladder infection and kidney infection) are also more common in females. And after menopause, hypertension is more common in women.

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Menstruation Related Issues in Women Health

A woman suffers from a normal phenomenon called the menstrual cycle for about 40 years of her life. Regular loss of blood and tissue from the inner lining of the uterus is shed in every month. In each monthly cycle, the uterine lining is shed. Mostly women do not face difficulty during their first half menstrual cycle, however once the egg releases, pelvic pain may be a major concern. Moreover, it is analyzed that during the second half of the cycle, a woman may experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and she may have menstrual cramps.

Fertility, Infertility and Dental Packages

To bear children, most women wish to confine when and by whom they consider. In the U.S mostly women use some method of birth control in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies. A woman needs to decide which method is the best suited for her. A woman should also determine

regarding the methods that is used for the protection against sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV infection. Infertility or the inability to bear children affects one in five couples in the U.S. During pregnancy, woman suffers more dental problems so it is necessary for woman to go to check regular dental checkups. A dental package will be very helpful in this situation.

Pregnancy and Women Health

The ideal time to start learning about pregnancy is not when a woman is already pregnant. Future mother needs to give concern towards maximizing the chances of having a healthy baby. For this purpose, she should give concern towards developing the awareness regarding do?s and don?t?s. During pregnancy, double responsibilities take place towards health because there are two being survived together.

Motherhood and Wellness

A woman who has children devotes a large proportion of her life to motherhood. Although a woman's fertility majorly limited to 40 year period, however her maternal responsibilities may last about 60 years or so. In other words, a mother is a mother forever and mother wellness is beneficial for both woman and child. Menopause is other concern in a woman?s life. There are many changes occurred in a lady during this period.

Insurance and Wellness

Health insurance is very helpful basically in case of woman?s health. A regular exercise, low fatty diet, more water, organic food and health supplements are really mandatory foe a woman.