Managing Your Task

Every new day comes with the feeling that you have a whole day with lots of hours to complete your tasks. In fact, you sit and highlight the tasks of the day and allocate time for each in your head. Unfortunately, most people end their day exhausted and realizing they could not even cover the major of the important tasks. If you are part of this set of people, task management is what you need.

What is daily life planner?

Task management is the activity of your daily life planner in the order of their relative importance so that you can maintain it like online notebook. Then you can easily accomplish your daily tasks on time without leaving any tasks. Proper task management will serve as a guide and ensure that you complete all the tasks of the day.

Why Task Management is important?

  • To individual

  1. We spend most of the time on urgent, yet unimportant tasks while we delay the more important ones until another time. Unfortunately, that ?another time? you thought may never come. However, effective task management software will ensure that you properly itemize your tasks of the day in the order of their relative importance. More so, the task management software will notify you when you are to start a new task or end the current one. This will ensure that none of the tasks is left undone. Unlike offline diaries and notes that cannot remind or notify you when the need arises, task management software will alert you when it is time to go for your next task.
  • To companies

  1. Task management is a very common term among both the small and large businesses these days. The reason for this is not new; the world now demands more and businesses need a step forward towards satisfying the unending demands of the world. If a company is really serious about meeting deadlines and diligently pursuing their aims and objectives, the need for proper task management is nonnegotiable. Luckily, technology has opened the door of opportunities and provided enabling and friendly environment for rapid growth and development of a business. A simple task management can make a huge difference in how you serve your customers. It can significantly raise your job management, improve productivity, and enhance accuracy. By adopting and implementing such tool, employees will be able to prioritize their tasks and responsibilities. Thus, collaborations will be made easier and business will be able to meet deadlines. Likewise, it ensures an improved work completion rate. When task management is combined with effective management, works are done fast and easier while customers are served better.

Benefits of Task Management Tool?

Still not convinced? Well, there are several benefits of task management. Apart from those mentioned above, below are the key benefits of task management tool or software.

  1. Helps you to organize, sort, assign and prioritize your task.
  2. Kelps you to set your goals and milestones.
  3. Reminds you of all tasks set for the day.
  4. Increased efficiency, reduced costs, and effort delegation.
  5. it helps to break down complex tasks into small retrievable ones that can be accomplished with little or no hassle.

As you can see, task management software is an indispensable component of a business or individual looking to complete tasks faster and meet deadlines.

Choosing the perfect Task Management software

Having considered the need for task management and how it assists both individuals and companies to accomplish their tasks easily and meet deadlines, the next is selecting the best and most accurate task management software. There are several tools, applications, programs, and software out there claiming to be efficient and accurate in task management which usually ends up in disappointment. Before you choose a task management tool for yourself, there are some features the tools must do. Some of them are:

  • Accept data

An effective task management tool must be able to accept data from you. In another word, you should be able to easily input your agenda for the day with less stress.

  • Arrange data

An effective task management tool must be able to arrange data according to their relative importance as you have input it. The data should be arranged in such a way that you can easily read through, modify or rearrange.

  • Send notification alert

An effective task management tool must be able to send you notifications when it is time for a task or item on the list. Technology has been so much modified that improved tools like that of Spanmylife will send text and even a voice call to notify you of your next task.

  • Monitor your activities

Even after notifying you, an effective task management tool should be able to monitor your activities to ensure that you have started/doing the right task at a specific period of time. It includes sending reminder alert.

  • Time management

Effective task management software should be time-accurate and be able to notify you the time required/left for a particular project or task.

  • Time management

You should be able to input your task for the next couple of weeks on your task management software. This will ease the stress of having to organize every day. In fact, it makes it easy for your secretary to input your meeting date, time and venue on your behalf while the tool just notifies you when its time.

Using Spanmylife for accurate task management

Arguably, there is little or no tool that can do the above-stated functions for you. Many software out there will only ring you an alarm without any interpersonal communication. However, these and more are what Spanmylife task management tool seeks to improve. By notifying you via an IVR phone call, you tend to experience a more intimate interaction which can prompt you to go for the task. More so, further monitoring will ensure that you are doing the right task at the right time. Another exciting feature of this tool is that it has the social integration feature. This feature allows people to share the common tasks via social media platforms like the Facebook messenger.

Major features of our task management package

In addition to the features stated above, below are the additional features of Spanmylife task management tool:

  • Task Board:

    Use SpanMyLife Task Board to view your due tasks. You can keep save your records in Manage Task section, your due task will show on bellow calendar. This allows you to easily view and manipulate your task board with little or no hassle.
  • task manager

  • Manage Task:

    This feature allows you to manage your tasks. Such management tasks include editing, highlighting, prioritizing, dating, deleting and organizing.
  • Daily To-Do:

    Managing daily routine with balancing work life and personal life is really harsh. People are lacking such an online tool that they can keep save their everyday task records. In SpanMyLife Daily ToDo section you can set your whole day activities, so that you can start your day with a proper planning.
  • daily todo

  • Weekly To-Do List:

    In order to eliminate the stress of having to edit every now and then, this feature allows you to input your entire tasks for the week.
  • weekly task

  • Meeting Calendar:

    You can easily list your meeting schedule together with the date, time, and venue while the tool sends you notification ahead of tie so that you don?t miss that vital meeting.
  • meeting invite

  • Address Book:

    May be you are lacking of such a online tool that you can keep save your family/friend's address or any important informations. Don't worry! SpanMyLife Address Book feature brought to you the exactly same option that you were finding for.
  • address book

  • Automatic Wish Setup:

    We have many days in our life to wish and celebrate our special day. In few days like birthday, anniversary etc we wish directly to one or two friends but most of the days, we need to wish our all friends and family for that day. This feature will send automatic wish that user setup for family friends on some date, such as wedding anniversary, birthdays, or new month.
  • auto wish