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Task Management

Go to SpanMyLife Task Manager to view your due tasks. You can keep save your records in task manager section, your due task will show on task board

Daily ToDo

How many people manage their daily routine balancing their work-life and personal-life? Yeah!! In today world managing daily life is getting very


We have many days in our life to wish and celebrate our special day. In few days like birthday, anniversary etc we wish directly to one or two friends

Meeting Calender

In todays corporate life meeting is taking a vital responsibility to discuss with your colleagues, employees, subordinates or personnel. But scheduling

Life Goals

The SMART goal framework defines a process for identifying long term goals and creates a method for achieving those goals. SpanMyLife here to help you

Address Book

May be you are lacking of such a online notebook and online address book that you can keep family/friend's contacts details. Don't worry! SpanMyLife

Create task and get reminder
email and sms

Arguably, there is little or no tool that can do the above-stated functions for you. Many software out there will only ring you an alarm without any interpersonal communication. However, these and more are what Spanmylife task management tool seeks to improve. By notifying you via an IVR phone call, you tend to experience a more intimate interaction which can prompt you to go for the task. More so, further monitoring will ensure that you are doing the right task at the right time. Another exciting feature of this tool is that it has the social integration feature. This feature allows people to share the common tasks via social media platforms like the Face book messenger.

Benefits of Task
Management Tool

Helps you to organize, sort, assign and prioritize your task. helps you to set your goals and milestones. Reminds you of all tasks set for the day. Increased efficiency, reduced costs, and effort delegation. it helps to break down complex tasks into small retrievable ones that can be accomplished with little or no hassle. As you can see, task management software is an indispensable component of a business or individual looking to complete tasks faster and meet deadlines.