Spanning Contacts

You can easily find out and see who is in your contact list, it can be family, friends or other type of contacts. Also you can refer through mail who is in your friend list. You can send personal messages or any kind of scheduled conversation.

Step 1:

Login to SpanMyLife platform using your login email. On successful login, you will get your SpanMyLife home page which looks as below.

Step 2:

Click on My Network on second right side nav bar. It will show two links. One is Spanning Contacts and another one is Invitation Queue. Click the Spanning Contacts within My Network section. It will load all contact details to whom you were connected. Please refer the below screen.

Step 3:

You can invite your friends by filling the all details on the appropriate field. Kindly follow the below screen.
After invitation, the request you will find within Invitation Queue hyperlink.

Step 4:

You can directly send message by clicking the Send message to this contact icon on the Action column. After clicking a new pop-up window will open and then send the message to the particular person. Please refer the below screen.

Step 5:

You can refer your contact details to another user by clicking the Refer this contact to your friend icon. After clicking a new pop-up window will open and you can see Referred contact details in disable section. Just fill the enable section field to whom you want to send. Please follow the below screen.

Step 6:

You can also delete your contact details by clicking delete icon. The screen is look like as below.