Manage Task

The to-do list is the crux of your daily productivity, but between all the task management apps out there, different productivity methods, and other miscellaneous life hacks, your to-do list has probably gotten cluttered and complicated. Here?s how to take it back to basics and craft a to-do list that actually helps you get things done. Below steps will help you keep save your records in SpanMyLife platform. In SpanMyLife Manage Task you can easily keep save your Scheduled and pending task, you can share your task with your friends. thats make your daily life smooth like a online notebook.

Step 1:

Login to SpanMyLife platform using your login email. On successful login, you will get your SpanMyLife home page which looks as below.


Step 2:

Click on MyTask on left side nav bar. It will show all task management options.Please follow the serene below.


Step 3:

Click the Manage Task option on above screen. It will load Manage Task Page. Please refer below screen.


Step 4:

To add a new task, click on Create new task. this will pop up a new add section. fill up all the fields and click submit.


Step 5:

You can share your saved task to your friends or colleague via multiple share option like sms and email.