Invitation Queue

In our life we are connected with people in various way. Somewhere like school, collage, our professional life and etc. We can get connected through our SpanMyLife platform. New member can send invitation request for being connect with the network.

Step 1:

Login to SpanMyLife platform using your login email. On successful login, you will get your SpanMyLife home page which looks as below.

Step 2:

Click on My Network on second right side nav bar. It will show two links. One is Spanning Contacts and another one is Invitation Queue. Click the Invitation Queue within My Network section. It will load all invitation request from other users. Please refer the below screen.

Step 3:

You can send message to invitee by clicking the icon. After clicking a new pop-up window will open. The message would be send to the invitee.
You can also delete the invitation by clicking the delete icon. Kindly follow the below screen.

Step 4:

If you want accept the invitation, then click on the Accept contact invitation icon. After successful acceptance you will get message on top of the page and the contacts will go Spanning Contacts section. Kindly follow the below screen.