Group Expense Tracker

Times are gone when a big expense needs to be divided up among friends or roommates you needed a checkbook and calculator. Let us say you have got a group vacation going on across country road trip, or a weekend trip to Vegas, perhaps. Figuring out what who owes what for gas, hotel rooms, dinners, groceries, and other payment can be a spreadsheet nightmare. So we need a kind of online notebook. So need to think for better idea. Yes we have the execution for your idea. In SpanMyLife Group Expense Tracker we have all the solution for your group expense. For using this section here are the steps to follow.

Step 1:

Login to SpanMyLife platform using your login email. On successful Login, you will get your SpanMyLife home page which looks as below.


Step 2:

Click on Group Expense Tracker on left side nav bar. It will show all task management options. Please follow the serene below.


Step 3:

Click Group Expense Tracker option on above screen. It will load the page. Please refer below screen.


Step 4:

To add a new group just clicks on Create group option, fill up all the fields and create a new group. Within a particular group you can add up the expenses, payee name, and payment date etc. And in the right side you can add and remove a member in a particular group.