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Managing a business, online or physically, is not easy, especially when the business is growing and it is necessary to attend different activities during the day. So it becomes increasingly necessary to find a way to better manage the time to accomplish everything. Time is a key factor when it comes to working effectively. But achieving it goes beyond selecting a nice plant for your desk or listening to music to relax. Rather it is about finding something that will help you stay motivated and focused on the job. In the same way that we can learn new skills, it is possible to learn to be more productive. To face all the responsibilities that you have as the owner of your own business, it is essential that you know some tricks and techniques that help you maximize your time and organize your activities. So if you no longer want to end the day by asking yourself ?How did I lose my time??, We share some of the most popular productivity techniques you can try.

How to get the most out of your day ?

To begin, it is necessary to know some aspects that will help you to better know your work rhythm that will help you identify the technique that works best for you. To get the most out of a day?s work, we can focus on analyzing three segments of your life:

1. Hours of greatest activity We all have a schedule in which we feel more awake and eager to work, for some it is during the first hours of the day, others in the evenings, and even some may feel more animated at night. The important thing is to identify those moments of the day in which you are most concentrated. This can be used to assign the most complicated tasks in that schedule or to know at what time you should reduce the distractions (meetings, phone calls, visits, etc.) to the maximum to avoid that your hours of productivity are damaged.

2. Work environment: The workspace is an important element in productivity because in each workspace there are different factors that help or harm the work performance. For example, working at home can be complicated because home chores or visits can divert your attention. So to select a technique that works for you, it is important to analyze your workspace and its characteristics.

3. Mind: The concentration is an important factor when it comes to working effectively. If your mind is clear and focused on the activity you are doing, you can not conclude successfully. This is why multitasking is one of the main enemies of productivity. SpanMyLife, that helps you to manage your daily tasks easily from a smartphone.

Time management techniques to make your workday more efficient

As you can see, combined, these three factors play an important role in your work day. Now let?s see how you can take advantage of them and improve your productivity with some useful techniques.

1. Create to-do lists: It?s hard to wear all the earrings on your head, so creating lists helps you organize your work and set priorities. There are several ways in which you can organize your lists. To create to-do lists, some recommend creating them early to avoid going to bed thinking about the pile of tasks the next day. Possibly at the beginning, it takes some time to organize the tasks, but over time you will make the lists faster and faster.

2. Technique Seinfeld (do not break the chain): The comedian, screenwriter and American actor, Jerry Seinfeld, has shared on several occasions one of his great secrets to raising their levels of productivity. It consists of a big calendar in your place of work and to draw up a schedule with the routines or tasks that you have to carry out per day if you meet the daily goal you mark it in the calendar. After several days fulfilling the chain, you will not want to break it.

3. The 5-minute technique: You may know this situation: you prepare to work, but you just do not know how to start or the idea of ??starting an activity for hours makes you feel overwhelmed. So in what you decide to start, you get up for a coffee, answer calls or anything. In the end, the time flew away and you have not advanced with the work. Well, this technique has the purpose of eliminating this waste of time.

4. Pomodoro technique: This is the most popular technique, we decided to mention it because it is simple to carry out and several people have been able to benefit from it. The Pomodoro technique consists in dividing your workday into small 25-minute times. During this time you must carry out your work without distractions when you finish you can take a break of 3 to 5 minutes to clear a little. During the day the process must be followed and every four Pomodoros (blocks of 25 minutes) you can take a longer break of 15 to 20 min.

5. Mental maps: After knowing what you need to do to concentrate during your work week, you can use mind maps to organize your thoughts into lists of concrete actions.

Final considerations

There is no worse or better technique , each of them can work better for some people than others. Everything will depend on your way of working and the activities you do. Take the time to find out what can work and help you meet your goals. It is possible that at first it will be difficult for you to get used to it, but be encouraged to continue, the benefits will be greater.

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Doing test at door step not only saving time. you will also get money savings as per market price.

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WoW... finally i got someplace to manage all my task at one point.. excellent.


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