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An income tax is a tax imposed on individuals or entities that varies with respective income or profits. Income tax calculator helps you to quickly calculate how much tax need to pay for a financial year. Tax calculator will let you know your pre-budget tax on your salary. Education calculator has been provided for illustration purposes. plan It gives you an indication of the costs you need to take into account when planning should start for your children. You need to ensure that your savings meet your medical, housing, food, and travel expenses . Use retirement calculator to find out how much need to save by your retirement. EMI which is an amount paid every month by the borrower to the lender. It helps to calculate the EMI that need to pay out every month. Life insurance is one of the essential insurance which an individual should have more contented future of his family in his absence. Health insurance premium is the amount of money that you are required to pay at definite intervals, for keeping your health insurance plan running. Ever wondered whether it is better to buy or rent?This is one of the most common financial dilemma that young investors face. Gratuity is a component of salary received by an employee from their employer in return for the services offered to the company. It is more of a retirement benefit and social security benefit received by the employee when they are leaving their job. To estimate the effect of salary deduction, withholdings, federal tax, and allowances on your net take home pay. Use take home calculator to easily calculate exactly how much amount you are getting in hand per month after deducting all taxes.