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EPF Calculator (India)

Gratuity calculator (India)

Gratuity calculator will help you estimate how much gratuity you will get when you retire from job. Gratuity is paid if you have worked in a company for more than 5 years.
Gratuity: 0/-

Pension calculator (India)

Monthly contribution by employer : Rs 1250/-.

Pension Calculator

helps you calculate your post retirement available fund to service on monthly basis based on your age, annual income, savings, nature of accommodation, and the expected growth rate. Pension Calculator basically helps you determine the monthly amount you need to invest towards a retirement plan, in order to meet your financial needs at retirement

EPF Pension Calculator

Online pension Calculator is one stage answer for all your EPF related count questions. It effectively computes the arrival on your EPF commitment inside no time. gratuity Calculator is an online device and consequently can be utilized anyplace whenever. EPF pension calculator formula are computed based on your Basic + Dearness Allowance (DA) (counting money estimation of any nourishment concession permitted to the representative) + Retaining Allowance (RA) assuming any. (Holding Allowance implies remittance payable until further notice to a representative of any manufacturing plant or other foundation amid any period in which the foundation isn't working, for holding his administrations. EPF pension calculator stands for Employee's Provident Fund. This is a retires benefit scheme which is available to all retired employees. Employees and employers contribute to Provident fund at the rate of 12% or 10% of their basic salary and dearness allowance(DA) every month. If there is a case of less than 20 employees, then the fund is at the rate of 10% else 12%. Firstly, 12% of the basic salary plus DA is calculated which is employee contribution towards EPF and then 3.67% of basic salary and DA is calculated which is employer contribution towards EPF. Then it calculate employer contribution in EPF which is 8.33% and also employer contribution in EPS on threshold income, difference between them tells the excess contribution of employer towards EPS. Now, the excess contribution of employer in EPS in added with employer contribution towards EPF which is the final contribution towards EPF. You can calculate EPF amount by using our EPF pension calculator..

EPF Gratuity calculator

Gratuity is given by the employer to an employee for the services rendered by employee for the period of employment. Gratuity is usually paid at the time of retirement if he completes more than 5 years but it can be paid before provided certain conditions are met. A worker provident store is made, through commitments, to give budgetary help to people over a particular age, for example, post retirement age or the crippling of the representative to keep working either incidentally or for all time. Commitments are made on a month to month premise, by the two representatives and bosses, consequently promising workers to spare a segment of their compensation every month. Speculations made by countless crosswise over India are pooled together and contributed by a trust. Epf financial calculator is a tax-exempt venture instrument for the salaried class having an Exempt status The commitments made by the worker qualified for impose reasonings under Section 80 C, the premium earned on the aggregate speculations and the withdrawal (counting fractional withdrawals for particular costs) are absolved from the domain of tax collection. Here, you contribute 12% of the predefined pay (either Rs. 6,500 or your genuine Basic on the off chance that it is higher - whichever you pick) and your boss contributes 3.67% of the predefined pay (either Rs. 6,500 or the genuine Basic, whichever is higher, on the off chance that it so picks). Online epf gratuity calculator formula -In this reserve the business and the Central Government contribute a characterized sum each month with the sole target of giving standard benefits to the representative post retirement. You as a worker don't add to your own particular Pension Scheme, this is contributed by your boss and by the Central Government. Your manager contributes 8.33% of Rs. 6,500 Basic compensation to the Employee Pension Scheme, and the Central Government contributes 1.16% of the same. The EPS furnishes you with consistent annuity after your retirement

Gratuity calculator formula

(15 X last drawn salary X tenure of working) divided by 26


This calculator will give you approximate amount based on your input data and some assumptions. The final corpus may differ according to the interest rate or growth rate of salary. Also, new EPF/Pension/Gratuity rules can change the final result.It will help you to get an approximate idea. The result should be validated by proper consultation with a certified professional. The User is requested to refer to the detailed Terms of Use before using this service.