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homeBalancing Personal and Professional Life

Life is a test that is never simple to confront. Everybody goes over specific incitements for the duration of their life range.

Pradip Acharya
5 min ago

homeA to-do List to Get Organized Brings More Productivity

A to do list to get organized brings more productivity. A to-do list is beneficial for us when it encourages us complete stuff.

profile Shreyashi Das
6 days ago

plannerWhy it is Important to Use Daily Planner to Become More Productive

Planning your day is a standout amongst the most vital things you can do ordinary to make troublesome undertakings less demanding.

user_profile Pradip Acharya
11 days ago

financeTask, Health and Finance, 3 Aspect of Daily Life

Our life is about objectives. Uncommon individual lives without an extreme point.

Samiran Das
16 days ago

lifeTime to Focus on Personal Life Aspect and Managing Efficiently

Time is one of life's most profitable belonging, as it is something you can never get back. In this way it's time to focus on personal

avatar Tanima Debnath
21 days ago

healthAccess Problem Of Transparent Health and Hospitals

Health, personal care and a new trend for community services should offer something for rural and outstation patient.

user Deya Acharya
25 days ago

homeAffordable Health Offers Through Digital

People justify governance for physical health care change that provides access to high-quality medical services.

Hiranmoy Chaterjee
31 days ago

balanceBalance Health Need For All Level of Society

It is necessary thing to offer health and health tips for all people in society because it is a human right that is equal for all.

Sushmita Pandit
35 days ago

ruralRural People Struggling Health Offerings

Small towns and rural societies look for ways to strengthen their economies status and put indulge in this due to this reason

Sudipta Santra
39 days ago

homeVillage, Rural and Small City Health Offerings

Rural people face a variety of access hurdles in health care services. To achieve the best possible health results

village Sampa Adhikary
43 days ago

homeTracking And Monitoring Health

Tracking and monitoring of health is going to be important day to day because it is necessary to stay healthy

Pradip Acharya
48 days ago

homeWomen Health Concerning to it

Women and men both have health issues, but women have different health issues over the man.

Keya Adhikary
52 day ago

home50 Valuable Tips To Plan A Business

Starting a business is not for the faint of heart. It is very stressful and practically demands all your time and attention.

profile Jayapal Reddy
6 days ago

home5 Tips To Improve Time Management

Managing a business, online or physically, is not easy, especially when the business is growing.

profile Jayapal Reddy
6 days ago

homeWhat are good personal finance management tips?

Managing personal finances can be a headache for many. Divide the income to pay bills, invest, save or allocate for expenses.

profile Jayapal Reddy
6 days ago