Auto Wish

We have many days in our life to wish and celebrate our special day. In few days like birthday, anniversary etc we wish directly to one or two friends but most of the days. But we are lacking of an online notebook to wish our all friends and family for that day. For example 1st January New Year celebration, Valentine?s Day celebration, Diwali, Independence day, Republic day etc . All these days needs to wish friends and family. SpanMyLife Automatic wish setup automates these wishing and makes your daily life smooth with a reminder mail. Below steps will help you to setup all wishes in SpanMyLife platform.

Step 1:

Login to SpanMyLife platform using your login email. On successful login, you will get your SpanMyLife home page which looks as below.


Step 2:

Click on MyTask on left side nav bar. It will show all task management options.Please follow the serene below.


Step 3:

Click the Automatic wish setup option on above screen. It will load Automatic wish setup Page. Please refer below screen.


Step 4:

To configure Automatic wish setup , you need to add different wishes for different wishing days for your friends and family. Please remember you can add maximum 10 Email Id for one record addition. Please refer below screen. You can also Edit and Delete records based on your needs.