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Helping people to organize their lives and build a Happy Family.


SpanMyLife, a daily life platform for people and professional, for making their everyday life easier than before. In today's world people are so much caught in their daily life that they have lots of management problem . Basic idea of managing your daily routine is to organize your daily life so that you could easier and quicker reach your ultimate plans . Another reason for daily planning is that it dramatically saves your time. The majority of common people thinks that it is too boring and time-consuming thing to implement a proper daily routine. The idea of GTD (Getting Things Done) is getting very popular nowadays because thousands of disorganized people have found their peace and harmony only due to the free time not spent on planning and memorizing. SpanMyLife brought to you a smarter and better way to solve all these problems. People now have got a chance to use their day-to-day life more effectively by just clicking on www.SpanMyLife.com.


In September 2015, during Durga puja, Mr. X went out for pandel hopping with his family. Thousands of temporary shops were there and he saw a huge crowd literally fighting for buying things. Suddenly he got an idea that why people have to get harassed just for buying their daily essential commodities. He realized, people need such a combined platform, that they can easily manage their daily life in every ways by just clicking a button. And thus, SpanMylife was born.


We SpanMyLife team, about to creating a such a platform that people can manage their daily life more easily. We enable the urban indian to live their life in a better way by providing them a "one touch click" option. We have many different sections like - "My Task", "Daily Finance", "Social Engagement" "Being Healthy" "Women". All our sections are user-led and inspired by Common indian user, how they live their daily life and their evolving needs, growing lifestyle. We don't think about not only for common people but for the professionals also. We have created a professional section mainly for Doctor, Tax-consultant, Finance-adviser and Yoga-trainer as of now in our beta version. Later this section will be expanded. So in just a simple click one can imagine a better daily living without traveling multiple websites. Initially we operate our service in a few cities in India. We are headquartered in Bengaluru, India.

Our Vision

We dream of A Secure World for All.


Our vision is to be the best Internet platform in the world- in the eyes of our users, shareholders, communities and people. We have build an eco-system of daily life management for people, professional and business where professional and business can be closely connected with common people. SpanMyLife will be an enterprise social media platform and will redefine a new meaning of social media. We mainly focus on people's personal life management. SpanMyLife will be more like a personal media than a social media. Out of 250+ identified components of daily life management, initially we are launching with 100+ features in our first launch. But our vision is to bring all 250+ components in near future and will try for more in our next version. We are launching our first version on 1st January 2018. We are working on SpanAd SpanOffer and SpanBiz as well, these three platform will help to collaborate and communicate business with people's daily life.

Our Great Team

As a team, we keep belief in each other.
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