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Brings collaboration between personal and professional life

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Organise Your Daily Life

An integrated platform to bring the focus and simplicity on important priorities of daily life aspect with consistent presence of tools, reminders , premium services and product offerings from business and professional

Tasks Management

We spend most of the time on urgent, yet unimportant tasks while we delay the more important tasks until another time. Unfortunately, that another time? you thought may never come. However, effective task management software will ensure that you properly itemize your tasks of the daily life in the order of their relative importance. More so, the task management software will notify you when you are to start a new online notes or end the current one. Daily life planner will ensure that none of the tasks is left undone. Unlike offline diaries and notes that cannot remind or notify you when the need arises, SpanMyLife task manager features will alert you when it is time to go for your next task. It will be your daily planner, daily finance planner and tracker book.

Being Healthy

It is necessary to offer health, wellness and health checkup packages for all because it is a human right that is equal for all. Along this, there is some another reason by which we can say that it is mandatory object for diagnostic centre offering the balance health. Utilize SpanMyLife health tips, wb health, complete body checkup, family health history tracker, Period Tracker for Women, health insurance calculator. Treatment and health insurance calculator should be for all level in society in other words we can say that some diseases are communicable and may spread the worsen effect to all the people of society. On the other hand, a balanced health offers a healthy mind, enthusiastic nature of human being and energetic human power.Blood test lab thyrocare offers are great to avail as lab test at home.

Event Management

Managing family or social events in online notebook are challenging tasks always. But now you can manage events easily with us by preparing item list, planning event budget, preparing guest list and much more. Also there are many aspect that you can manage using this platform like Task Manager, Daily Planner, Task Management, Daily Finance, Retirement Calculator, EMI Calculator, Monthly Budget Planner, Education Calculator, EPF Gratuity Pension Calculator and many more.